high fives for low lives

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"There's something so dangerously addicting about living recklessly. I plan to live the rest of my life finding out just exactly what it is."

You are my poison. The way you love passionately and then not at all. The way you kiss me and then tell me I’m not worth it. One minute I’m laying next to you, telling you I love you, next minute I’m crying while you walk away. You are my coke, my heroin. 

You are a beautiful storm. I could never listen to summer skin or all of me and all the others without thinking of you. I could never go to all the places you took me to without remembering what it was like going with you. And I cannot lay on my bed right now without needing your chest underneath my head. 

You are a monster. I never knew evil could be so handsome, so charming. Kids are afraid of the monsters under their beds or in their closet but I’m more terrified of the monster that lies in my heart. He knows my deepest fears and learned quickly to play with them.

You are…the one that I love. You’ll always be my first love and i want to thank you for showing me what it feels like to love and care about someone so much that you feel numb and incomplete when they leave. 

Know that I’ll be wearing your shirt to bed tonight and I’ll be seeing you in my dreams.