high fives for low lives

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"There's something so dangerously addicting about living recklessly. I plan to live the rest of my life finding out just exactly what it is."

I was taught in high school that heroin is an opiate that’s made from morphine and codeine. This substance can be injected, smoked or snorted. They say heroin makes you feel “blissful apathy.” That it melts all your troubles away. Heroin gives euphoric feelings, almost a rush,helping insecure people feel better about themselves. So what does it do to you physically? It slows your body reactions and thinking as well as your heart rate. Usually it comes in the form of powder and in rare cases, a mud like form. The reason they teach you all the cons of heroin is because they want you to stay away….

……..but teachers never warned me that heroin doesn’t always come in the form of powder. Sometimes, they come in the form of a person. Once you’ve had a dose of him, there’s no going back. The more you have, the harder it gets to quit. He’ll slow everything around you so the only thing you can pay attention to is him. Being with him will be a “blissful apathy” melting all your troubles away when ironically, he is the trouble. You will obey him and only pray that he will be good to you.

To my Ying and Yang


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